Nohau GmbH Germany

Special Engineering

Our core business is the development of production-, testing- and processing-systems for the electro-industrial purposes of our international customers. With years of experience in modern production technology, we can offer established applications or develop new systems in close cooperation with our clients.

Since 2005 our quality management system is certified according ISO 9001.


All of our systems are highly sophisticated and adapted to particular product requirements. But since the entire development and manufacturing process of our plants is in one place, modifications and extensions can be considered quickly and effectively throughout the whole planning and execution phase.


Dipl. Ing. Univ. Rudolf Dummer, Managing Director


Company History

1990   Nohau GmbH was founded by Dipl. Ing Univ. Rudolf Dummer, the focus was on designing and programming machine controls.
1994   New location in the industrial area Unterheising/Barbing near Regensburg.
1997   Beginning of the construction and installation of complete production lines and extension of the customer base to Asia.
2000   New location in the industrial area Haslbach near Regensburg.
2005   Introduction of a quality management system and ISO 9001 certification.
2010   Installation of a production line for manufacturing RFID glass tags at our location in Regensburg and expansion of production facilities.

Certified by the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR).


Support by the bavarian center for innovation and technology:

Innovations- und Technologiezentrum Bayern (ITZB).

2013   Launching a new Tape & Reel Service for SMD components.