Nohau GmbH Germany

Our core business is the development of production-, testing- and processing-systems for the electro-industrial purposes of our international customers. With years of experience in modern production technology, we can offer established applications or develop new systems in close cooperation with our clients. For more information on our company, see our Company History.

Development of Production Plants and Test Systems

We develop highly specialized industrial plants for the production or testing of electronic components. By using modern handling and control technology, process times can be optimized and various types of quality inspections can already be integrated in the production process. Our business focus for over 15 years is the development of production, testing and packing facilities for fuses, RFID and SMD components. 


Each of our facilities is specially adapted to the requirements of our customers and their products. We support you from planning a product or process until the installation of the finished system.


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Laser Technology

The use of industrial laser technology has a long tradition in our company. For our applications we install modern fiber and diode laser systems in a power range from 20W to 1kW. Our customers run Nohau laser systems very successfully for: 


Laser trimming of resistors and inductors

Reflow soldering of electronic components in production plants

Laser hardening of cutting and gripping tools 


We support you in doing feasibility studies for new laser procedures and let you benefit from our experience in the various fields of application.


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Our engineers and technicians will assist you with planning and implementation of your projects. We are pleased to offer the following services for your innovative development ideas: 


Mechanical and electrical design to your specifications

Manufacturing and assembly

Cabinet construction and installation

Software development and automation solutions


Tape and Reel Service

We offer our customers a fast and reliable tape and reel services for SMD components.


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