Animal Tagger - FT01

The Nohau FT01 Animal Tagger System is a tabletop unit that automatically reloads sterile needles from a blister tape and injects the installed RFID transponders. The new needles are supplied by a blister tape, the used needles are automatically returned into the same belt.


The user would can activate the system by a foot or knee switch and has both hands free to set the animal to the needle. This means less stressful treatment for the animal.


Pressing the start button once provides a new needle, pressing the start button a second time injects the transponder.


RFID Animal Glass Transponders

We produce and offer RFID Glass Transponders for Animal Marking in two sizes, our Standard-12mm-Tags and our Premium-9mm-Tags.


Both transponder types are available as single injectable transponders or as ready to use injectables with an anti-migration cap (parylene coating) packed in a sterile, disposable syringe together with a set of ID-stickers.


Our Premium-9mm-Tags have a very high performance and are readable at similar distances as usual 12mm tags. Due to their reduced dimensions, they are very suitable for the use in small and sensitive animals.


Our injectable RFID Glass Transponders are produced and tested at our factory in Regensburg (Germany) according the international standards of animal identification (ISO 11784/11785). We are certified by the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) and have the unique company code 986 for our injectable RFID Glass Transponders.


Frequency:   134,2 kHz
Standard and Protocol:  


Transmission Principle:   FDX-B
Dimensions Standard-12mm-Tag:  

2,04 x 12 mm

Dimensions Premium-9mm-Tag:  

2,04 x 9 mm

Weight Standard-12mm-Tag:   110mg
Weight Premium-9mm-Tag:   80mg