Visual Inspection System VIS06 (for glass/ceramic fuses)


The VIS06 is a quality control system for miniature fuses of the type 5x20. The system checks the length, the resistance, any visible damage and the marking at the caps of the fuses. Additionally the solderball can be checked if necessary. The production rate of the system is 180 pcs/min.

Transponder Test System, Type TSM02

The Transponder Test System TSM02 is used to test the reading capability and the IDs of glass transponders. The transponders are fed to the reading point automatically by a part feeding system. An antenna, with adjustable distance activates the units and reads the data.


Each ID is validated and checked for manufacturer code. Other verifications or matching with a database according to your needs is also possible. The data of each valid transponder ID is stored in a file together with the lot number and the packing unit number and can be exported to an Excel sheet. 


If one transponder has no reading function or has an invalid ID, the system stops and the transponder can be removed.


After completing a packing unit with the programmed quantity of transponders the systems stops. With the installed barcode scanner the number for the next packing unit can be read and the system continues. This way, the machine can read, check and record more than 2000 parts per hour. 


The system comes with a laptop (running Windows 8 and Windows Office) and can be delivered together with a reading unit. Optionally the reading unit of your choice is installed.

Visual Inspection Systems, Type VIS


Our Visual Inspection Systems Type VIS are designed for quality assurance of glass, ceramic and car fuses.


The VIS Inspection Systems for glass and ceramic fuses check for correct placement and marking of the caps, total length, resistance value, glass damage or contamination and defective fuse wires. The corresponding tolerances are programmable.


The VIS Inspection Systems for car fuses check for the correct placement and readability of the markings, the color of the fuse housings, molding defects or damage to the housings and the correct shape of the fuse elements and connections.


On all of our Visual Inspection Systems a fully automatic packing unit is installed. The parts are packed to programmable batches and transported out of the machine.


High Breaking Test System, Type HBTS

Our High Breaking Test System Alpha Tester, Type HBTS offers a test system for fuses according to international standards.

The Alpha Tester follows the request of IEC127, which defines the test of fuses for high capacity breaking. The input of the system is 220VAC / 1500A. A set of 16 contactors and 48 high power resistors, which limits the current, supplies the power to the fuse. The current can be programmed at steps of 50A in a range from 50A up to 1500A. An air coil shifts the power factor to the requested angle. Two high power SCRs switch on the current at a programmable angle. The current, the timing and the switch on angle will be recorded by a PC supported scope and displayed on the screen. This information may be stored onto the hard drive. The system consists of a high power unit and a control unit.

Universal Fuse Test System, Type UFTS

The UFTS is a system to do a complete check of fuses according the international standards.


The Universal Fuse Test System UFTS is a system to check fuses according to the VDE, UL, Japanese and Chinese Standards. The program will guide the operator through the testing procedure. After finishing all necessary tests, the system will prepare a test sheet containing all the information and print it or save it to a file for later evaluations.


  depends on installed power supplies
Resolution:   1mA (1% of full scale)
Accuracy:   0,05% of full scale
Rise time:   < 2msec (< 0,5msec – under test)
Ripple:   < 0,5mVeff / 1 to 15mA
Regulation:   < 0,15msec (at +/-10%)

Peel Force Test System, Type PFT

The Peel Force Test System PFT-100 is a tool to check the peel strength of the cover tape from the carrier tape.


According to the EIA-Standard the total peel strength of the cover tape must be in a range of 0,1 Newton to 1,0 Newton. With our PFT-100 Test System you get an easy tool to verify these limits. You can use it as a stand alone unit or combined with a PC for data acquisition. A user friendly software package generates charts and data lists for further evaluation. 


  • Control panel with display, 4 LEDs and 4 buttons for setting up and monitoring the tests
  • Standard EIA peel speed of 300mm per minute
  • 5 measurements per second
  • Measuring range 0 - 1,0N
  • High quality force sensor for precise results, measuring tolerance is +/- 0,1%
  • Peel angle 165°-180°
  • Tape widths 8, 12, 16, 24mm
  • Unlimited peel length
  • RS232 connection, Serial/USB converter included for easy connection on USB port and for advanced functionality and data acquisition
  • Software for setting up tests and collecting data on a PC or laptop
  • Weight 3,7kg, dimensions 160x180x170mm³