Tape & Reel Service

We offer a fast and reliable Tape & Reel service for SMD parts and radial components. SMD parts are packed into individually designed blister tapes, components with chip design are automatically placed into paper tapes and radial components are packed to reel or ammopack. According to the requirements of our clients we provide electronic or visual examination of the components. 


All packings comply with DIN EN 60286.

SMD Taping, Blistertape

Blister tapes for packing SMD components are designed and manufactured to customers specifications. On our manual taping machines blister tapes can be processed in standard widths from 8mm to 120mm. Depending on customers requirements, we can adjust the machines for special sizes. For large series, there is the possibility of automation.


SMD Taping, Papertape

By our automatic systems for taping components in chip design, we can offer our customers fast delivery, high quality and economical prices.

  • Punching the paper strips according to your individual requirements
  • Sealing the punched paper tapes with masking tape
  • Taping the components provided or required by you
  • Packaging according to customer
  • All current chip designs to a tape width of 8mm


Radial Taping

Manual taping machines allow us to respond flexibly, quickly and efficiently to the needs of our customers. For large series there is the possibility of automation.

  • Pitch 2.5 mm to 27.5 mm
  • Component spacing 12.7 mm to 25.4 mm
  • Taping on ammopack or reel

Quality Control

Manually taped components are controlled for any visible damage during packaging. On automatic systems visual inspection units are used. The finished belt is checked again for errors and damage in our final inspection. Additionaly there are the following possibilities for quality control:

  • Inspection of incoming components or pre-sorting
  • Electrical testing of components
  • Visual Inspection Systems for the checking the components before and after taping